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Web/application design Hosting Training
?rabli'ere du Grand Duc Data Centre Training presentation
We can design almost any type of site your imagination can conceive! Because of our programming expertise, we design from the base and integrate the latest add-ons which enrich and speed up web development.

We offer sites with easy to update content either through the use of a simple editor and Flash slide show maker, or our Dynamic Content option which allows for instant online change of content by authorized personnel. We can also manage the content for you.

Some of our hosting features such as blogging and an appointment scheduler can be seamlessly integrated  into your custom-built site.

From a simple Website with a few pages to a transaction driven membership site, we have the expertise to make your project the reality you want it to be.

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We know you expect performance, services, security/privacy, and added value from your Web Host. You will find we deliver on all counts.

We not only make sure you get the package you need to take your business upwards, we will also show you easy ways to take advantage of the many features offered at every package level.

From simple email and static HTML sites to shopping portals, we have the servers and applications to suit you, and 24/7 tech support.

We not only host your site, we will also show you how to attract more visitors to it!

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With 25 years experience in the IT field, I offer hands on training with: Expression Web, Visual Web Developer,, Visual Basic (all versions), SQL compliant database design and forms, MS-Office integration, Image manipulation, banners, etc.

I can provide training customized to your goals and current skill levels, support on a per-incident basis, help you finish that "late" project, or provide your site with a "look under the hood" and evaluation.

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Témiscamingue -> Laurentides= 750kms

2011/2/14 at 7:30 PM by Marc

en 3 jours, j'ai traversé les Parcs de La Vérenderye et du Mont-Temblant en motoneige, pour une distance totale de 750 kilomètres. Comme il faisait très froid, je n'ai pas pris beaucoup de photos. Je fais le retour d'ici peu et j'en afficherai plus :-).

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Blog Entry Picture À venir, nouveau site sur Drupal

2016/9/9 at 10:42 AM by Marc

En formation

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Welcome to Marcologix!

2010/6/3 at 9:37 PM by Marc

Finally "online" after years of developing for the desktop world! The last few months have been a journey of discovery for me, as I was able to learn new techniques of presentation and information flow. I am glad to now be able to offer a much broader and powerful range of applications custom-made for you, adapted from my base, or using the many tools offered by my hosting division. Creativity will be the norm here, and I will be contacting some of my arts community friends very soon to take part in the gallery! Please feel free to drop me a line, I will post new developments as they occur :-)

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Blog Entry Picture Érablière avec chalet vendus! / Sugar camp sold!

2010/6/3 at 9:21 PM by Marc

Félicitations à Jenny St-Pierre, Richard Julien et leurs enfants Carolanne, Jérémie, Cristelle et Guillaume! | Profitez de la beauté du Témiscamingue avec un chalet surplombant un lac clair, et produisez du sirop dont vous serez fiers. Vous serez surpris de la variété de la faune et flore... Congratulations to Jenny St-Pierre, Richard Julien and their children Carolanne, Jérémie, Cristelle and Guillaume! Take advantage of the production facility, AND the chalet overlooking a pristine lake that comes with the deal!

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Bienvenue à l'EMICA

2014/2/26 at 7:33 PM by Marc

Finalement, ma première certification en T.I., après 29 ans dans la profession! Un gros merci à mon enseignant, Christian Huard. Et ce n'est qu'un début...

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Blog Entry Picture Mon été en vélo

2010/10/14 at 12:08 PM by Marc

Voyez la ville de Montréal et ses environs avec de nouveaux yeux!

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